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About Us


Our Company

We are a progressive company based in Denver, Colorado. We believe strongly that LED lighting is the future, and the United States has barely scratched the surface of the potential energy and maintenance savings that LED lighting will bring to businesses, government and society as a whole. We listen to the people in the trenches working on energy efficiency, from electrical contractors to building owners and property managers to electrical engineers and more to see what types of products the market needs. Our objective is to provide those products along with great service at low prices to our customers.

Our Approach

With former electrical contractors on staff and a network of electricians as customers, we are tied into the marketplace to see what is needed. We work with utility companies and others to learn current requirements for rebate and incentive plans. With this information, we are always working to develop relevant LED lighting products.

  • Listen to the professionals in the market
  • Stay current on standards for rebate and incentive programs
  • Provide high-quality products, excellent service and great prices
Mission Statement

The mission of LEDrock is to empower people to create energy efficiency, efficiently.

High Quality LED Lighting Products
Excellent Service and Support
Great Prices