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Alexandria Light & Power Rebate Incentives through Bright Energy Solutions

Alexandria Light & Power Utilities (ALP) company offers a variety of energy-efficiency programs that can help residential and non-residential customers in Minnesota lower their utility bills. By partnering with Bright Energy Solutions, ALP Utilities provides rebates and incentives for residential lighting, new construction lighting, and lighting retrofits for business.

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Converting Parking Structures & Lots To Energy Efficient LED Lighting Is A No-Brainer For Electrical Contractors

In past years, high-intensity discharge (HID) lights have been commonly used for outdoor illumination, particularly in parking lots and structures. However, as better LED lighting technology continues to be manufactured and produced all around the world, switching to LED fixtures has never been easier or more cost effective for business owners and facility managers.Read More

7 Reasons Why Every Business Should Switch To LED Lighting

For commercial, business, agricultural, and industrial sectors, being energy-efficient and environmentally conscious is not just a good suggestion anymore, it's an important way of life. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and cut significant costs on their overhead maintenance and energy consumption by switching to LED lighting.

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Mass Save's Energy Initiative

Mass Save® is an initiative sponsored by Massachusetts’ natural gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers. It is their goal to provide resident and business customers who manage their energy use and related costs with multiple incentives.Read More

Corn Belt Energy Coop Energy Rebates For Customers

As the largest electric cooperative in Illinois, Corn Belt is committed to providing reliable, affordable power to all their customers, and encourage energy rebates and incentives for those that want to maximize their energy consumption and maintenance costs.

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Business & Residential Energy Rebates From Kansas City Power & Light

Kansas City Power & Light (KCP&L) is a Missouri utilities company that offers many different rebate options for your home, business, or commercial/industrial project when making energy-efficient upgrades as a customer.

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United Power Offering Residential & Commercial Rebates For Customers In Colorado

United Power is a rural electric cooperative, providing electric service to homes and businesses throughout Colorado’s northern front range. They are currently offering several energy efficiency rebates for residential, and commercial customers within that service area.

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Rocky Mountain Power Provides Incentive Programs For LED Lighting in Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming

Business sectors in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming now have a great opportunity to get cash incentives through the wattsmart Business program for lighting upgrades made through either a wattsmart business vendor or an independent energy consultant, such as LEDrock.

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Alliant Energy offers energy rebates for sectors that switch to LED lighting.

Alliant Energy is a Midwest energy company that aims to provide clean, safe and healthy environments for customers. Part of that mission is providing lighting energy rebates to customers in applicable business, agricultural and residential sectors within Iowa and Wisconsin.

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Anaheim Public Utilities Energy Rebate Programs Incentivize LED Lighting Projects

Anaheim Public utilities is offering customers multiple incentive programs to perform LED lighting conversions in small business, commercial, and residential sectors.

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