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Alliant Energy Interstate Power and Light offers energy rebates for residential, business and agricultural sectors that make the switch to LED lighting.

Alliant Energy is a Midwest energy company that aims to provide clean, safe and healthy environments for customers. Part of that mission is providing lighting energy rebates to customers in applicable business, agricultural and residential sectors within Iowa and Wisconsin.


For Business Sectors

For business sectors in Iowa, Alliant Energy offers great rebates on lighting equipment, and through the Small Business Energy Solutions Program, they pay $0.16 per kWh saved directly to your selected lighting contractor. Alliant Energy also recently added a new turnkey lighting program that pays up to 75% of the total project cost right off the top, with you only paying the remaining balance.

If your business is in Wisconsin, Alliant Energy partners with Focus On Energy, Wisconsin’s utilities statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable development. They will work with eligible businesses to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.


For Agricultural Sectors

Farm customers in Iowa can earn hundreds in cash back when investing in qualified LED bulbs and fixtures through Alliant Energy Farm Equipment rebates. To qualify for lighting rebates, lighting fixtures and controls in livestock barns, milk houses and parlors must meet Iowa Electric Code. Fixtures must be UL-listed and must be permanently wired. Customers will receive a maximum rebate of 50% of equipment purchase price. For example, a high bay that is greater than or equal to 101 will receive a $175 rebate.

Alliant Energy works a little bit differently for Wisconsin farm customers. They are offering a wiring program designed to increase farm safety, productivity and efficiency. In order to qualify, you must be a Wisconsin farmer already receiving electricity from Alliant Energy or have a livestock building. Alliant Energy will pay the first $1,000 of a wiring project, then pays 50% of the remaining costs, up to $9,000.


For Residential Sectors

For residential customers in Iowa, Alliant Energy partners with hundreds of retailers as part of the Be Bright lighting program, which enables residents to purchase ENERGY STAR rated LED bulbs or fixtures to receive an instant in-store discount.

For residential customers in Wisconsin, Alliant Energy partners with Focus on Energy, a utilities statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable development which works with eligible Wisconsin residents to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy products, including LED lighting.


Making the switch to LED lighting is easy and extremely cost effective for residential, business, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. There are many options when it comes to energy efficiency rebates in Wisconsin and Iowa, so give LEDrock a call at 303-900-3325 so that we can help you find out which rebate program is best suited for your individual needs!