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Orange County, California Incentivizes LED Lighting Projects With Multiple Energy Rebates & Incentives From Anaheim Public Utilities

Anaheim Public utilities is offering customers multiple incentive programs to perform LED lighting conversions in small business, commercial, and residential sectors. Making the upgrade to LED lighting will result in longer equipment life, better performance and reduction in maintenance costs.


If you are a small business, the Anaheim Small Business Energy Management Assistance Program is available to those that have a monthly peak demand of less than 50 kW and are defined as privately owned businesses.


For larger commercial, construction, industrial, nonprofit, and multifamily residential sectors, the Anaheim Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program has performance-based or prescriptive-based lighting incentives depending on the type of project. Performance-based incentives can save you $200-$400/ kW with high efficiency LED lighting upgrades, and the prescriptive-based incentives are determined by fixed amount per item purchased.


Residential (Low Income included) may also be eligible to receive free LED lighting upgrades and installation by applying for the Home Utility Check-Up or Dusk-to-Dawn Lighting incentives through the Anaheim Public Utilities Residential Home Efficiency Rebate Program.


Making the switch to LED lighting is easy and affordable, and is already the most economical choice in any construction project or renovation.


There are many rebate and incentive programs to choose from in California, so give LEDrock a call at 303-900-3325 so that we can help you find out which rebate programs are available in your area!