Apartment Complex LED Lighting InstallFacility Overview

Denver, CO

Project Type:
Apartment Complex

Total Lights Replaces:


Project Challenge

Total Wattage Before
14,837 Watts

Total Wattage After

Total Wattage Savings
12,367 Watts (83%)

Denver Apartment Complex Rings in the New Year with a Bright Idea

A local apartment complex replaced 111 exterior lights by upgrading through retrofit and replacement of existing HID fixtures. The project was completed with eco-friendly LED lighting. Cost savings, energy savings and improved quality of light helped create a safer environment while cutting down on  the carbon footprint.

Apartment Complex LED Lighting SummaryThe Project

The property manager asked LEDrock to perform a comprehensive analysis on existing and proposed lighting. This process included a complete cost analysis of energy, maintenance and cost savings, as well as a power company rebate. A customer signed rebate application was sent in to the power company, Xcel Energy and approved. The customer decided to go forward with the project and the electrician installed LED lights. Xcel Energy provided a rebate of over $5,500 after the project was completed.

Initial Analysis

The LEDrock Certified Electrical Contractor performed a comprehensive analysis on existing and proposed lighting. This process included a complete cost analysis including material, installation, operating and maintenance cost savings, disposal and sales tax. Additionally, they factored in Power Company rebate incentives into the ROI analysis.

Other Benefits

Cost savings were the driving force behind the owner's decision to replace the lighting, but the quality of light was a critical factor in the final decision. Many of the lights were being replaced frequently due to the short lifespan of HID lights. Because the LED lights typically have lifespans of more than 50,000 hours, Ventana Apartments is making significant savings in maintenance costs

The FInal Results

The retrofit resulted in a total of 111 exterior lights replaced with energy efficient and ecofriendly LED lights. Total wattage prior to replacement was 14,837 watts and was reduced by 83% down to 3,236 watts for a total reduction of 12,367 watts. The combinded energy and maintenance savings, along with the Xcel Energy rebate, made this bright idea into a glowing success!