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Alexandria Light & Power Utilities (ALP) company offers a variety of energy-efficiency programs that can help residential and non-residential customers in Minnesota lower their utility bills. By partnering with Bright Energy Solutions, ALP Utilities provides rebates and incentives for residential lighting, new construction lighting, and lighting retrofits for business.


Residential Lighting Rebate

A residential ALP Utilities customer may be eligible to receive lighting rebates when upgrading current lighting to ENERGY STAR energy efficient LED lighting. ENERGY STAR lighting uses 70-90% less energy that traditional incandescent bulbs and will last significantly longer, reducing energy bills and limiting maintenance requirements.

Customers may receive a rebate for 12 lighting products per year, with screw-in LED bulbs receiving a rebate of $2 per bulb, and LED fixtures or retrofit kits receiving $4 per fixture/kit.


Lighting For Business

A business customer of ALP utilities has two different lighting rebate options, depending on the type of project. Whether it is a new construction project or a lighting retrofit, Bright Energy Solutions provides great incentives for businesses in Minnesota.

Both rebates require that all fixtures must operate a minimum of 1,800 hours per year to be eligible, and all fixtures, lamps, and ballasts must be UL or ETL listed to U.S. safety standards for operation.

New Construction Lighting-

Whether you are doing a major renovation, building a completely new commercial facility, or adding on to an existing building, choosing high efficiency LED lighting options will save you money on your energy bill and greatly reduce the regular maintenance required, as LEDs can provide up to 50,000 hours of high quality lighting.

Lighting Retrofit-

For many businesses, about 25-40% of your energy bill can be attributed to lighting. Because it is such a substantial portion of monthly costs, installing energy efficient LED lighting can save you money year after year. While it may be a large upfront cost to retrofit lighting, the cash incentives available from Bright Energy Solutions for energy efficient lighting fixtures and technologies, such as lighting controls, can help offset that initial cost.

Not only will businesses save money over time on energy and maintenance costs, but research has shown that better lighting can contribute to increased workplace productivity, quality control, security and safety.

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As you can see, making the switch to LED lighting is easy and affordable for Alexandria Light & Power customers in Minnesota. It is the most economical choice in any home or construction project/renovation. Even if you are not a customer of ALP Utilities, there are so many other rebates and incentives to choose from in Minnesota. No matter which you choose, LEDrock is here to provide you with qualified LED lighting and resources to help you get started on your lighting project, so give us a call today at 303-900-3325!