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If you are looking for available lighting rebates within the Central Illinois area, Corn Belt may have the perfect fit for your commercial, industrial, or residential retrofits and projects.

Corn Belt Cooperative is a non-profit electric cooperative that powers over 35,000 homes and businesses in Central Illinois. As the largest electric cooperative in Illinois, Corn Belt is committed to providing reliable, affordable power to all their customers, and encourage energy rebates and incentives for those that want to maximize their energy consumption and maintenance costs.



There are energy efficient rebates and incentives that you can apply to your home, business, farm, and school. These savings are available through Corn Belt Energy’s power supplier, Wabash Valley Power Association.


For Your Business
Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Upgrading your current lighting to energy-efficient LEDs is a relatively inexpensive change that can lead to savings over the long haul. New construction is also great opportunity to start from the beginning to save money and energy, and earn the biggest incentives.

With Power Moves® rebate offers, the upfront cost is much easier to absorb. These particular incentives cover compact fluorescent lamps, ceramic metal halide lamps, lighting occupancy sensors, linear fluorescent, signs & signals, and LEDs.

Here is a breakdown of just some of the qualified lighting fixtures you can begin receiving incentives on:

Equipment Type




LED Pole/Arm-Mounted Area & Roadway Luminaires- Exterior

HID Pole/Arm-Mounted Area & Roadway Luminaires- Exterior



LED Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires- Exterior

HID Wall-Mounted Area Luminaires- Exterior



LED Canopy Luminaires- Exterior

Canopy Luminaires- Exterior



LED Parking Garage Luminaires

HID Parking Garage Luminaires



LED Commercial

≤ 175W HID Fixture



LED Low-Bay Fixture

250W HID Fixture



LED High-Bay Fixture

≤ 320W HID Fixture




For each project, the maximum total incentive payment per membership is $25,000 per year, and can not exceed 75% of the total project cost. Please note that self-labor is not included in the total project cost.

All non-residential members of electric cooperatives participating in Wabash Valley Power Associations POWER MOVES energy efficiency programs are eligible for these commercial and industrial rebates.


For Residential Customers
Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Home Applications- ENERGY STAR LED bulb rebates are available for residential customers of electric cooperatives that are members of the Wabash Valley Power Association. Rebates are limited to 30 bulbs per customer per calendar year. All bulbs receive up to $3 incentive per bulb.  To receive the rebate, each customer must submit their purchase receipts along with the rebate application.

As you can see, making the switch to LED lighting is easy and affordable for electrical customers in Illinois, and is already the most economical choice in any home or construction project/renovation. Even if you are not a customer of Corn Belt Energy Coop, there are additional rebates from other power companies to choose from in Illinois. No matter which you choose, LEDrock is here to provide you with qualified LED lighting and resources to help you get started on your lighting project, so give us a call today at 303-900-3325!