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In Colorado, there are plenty of rebate and incentive programs available to encourage LED lighting. Utilities Companies, such as United Power, provide multiple rebates to promote the reduction of energy use.


United Power is a rural electric cooperative, providing electric service to homes and businesses throughout Colorado’s northern front range. Surrounding Denver on three sides, United Power serves 900 square miles along the north central range of the Colorado Rockies. They are currently offering several energy efficiency rebates for residential, and commercial customers within that service area.


Energy Efficient Appliance Rebates

Members of United Power can benefit from energy efficient appliance rebates by switching to LED bulb lights, LED commercial lighting, LED pole mounted lighting, and commercial LED lighting replacements.

In order to qualify, all credits must be requested within 120 days of installation and require an inspection report signed by a United Power Representative.


LED Bulb Lights

United Power members who purchase qualifying LED light bulbs can receive half the cost back, with a maximum of $8 per bulb. Rebates are limited to 50 bulbs rebated, per member, per year. Qualifying bulbs must have a lumen output of 500 or greater.

LED Bulb Lights

  • LED light bulbs
  • Lumen output of 500 or greater
  • Limit 50 bulbs rebated per member, per year
  • Apply within 120* days of purchase


50% of the bulb cost
max: $8per bulb



LED Commercial Lighting

Rebate From United Power 

LED Commercial Lights

-New buildings, significant spaces within new buildings or significant additions covered.
-One project per member account per year.

Space must be primarily (75% or more) lit by LED lighting


Rebate from Tri-State G&T

Receive the lower of:

-$750/kW saved from baseline or
-33% (1/3) of fixture material cost.

Per project cap of $20,000 annually. Project is defined as a single location.


LED Pole Mounted Lighting

Rebate From United Power

LED Pole Mounted Lighting

-Covers LED lighting only.
-Only one project per member account per year.
-Minimum light output 2,100 lumens (70w Metal Halide).
-Must be grid connected.

Retrofit and new construction.      


Rebate from Tri-State G&T

Contact Your Community Affairs Representative for the payment schedule.

-Based on Lumen Output
-Capped at 25% of the head cost

Per project cap of $20,000


Commercial Lighting Replacement

Rebate From United Power

-Program available for retrofit of existing lighting systems only.
-Also covers occupancy sensors and incidental outdoor use such as wall packs and canopy lighting not covered as Street & Parking Lot Lighting.
-To qualify for incentive, review and approval of project by Tri-State is required prior to installation.
-Only one project per member account per year.

Efficiency Standards

-Recessed fixtures must have high efficiency ballast.
-Target light levels must meet or exceed Illuminating Engineering Society guidelines.


Rebate from Tri-State G&T

Receive the lower of:

-$250/kW saved, calculated or
-50% of invoiced equipment cost   
-Per project cap of $20,000 annually.

Project is defined as a single location.


Whether you are looking for residential rebates or business rebates (commercial, industrial, federal government sectors), as a Colorado resident, you have multiple incentive options available to you.

If you are working on a specific project, and would like help in finding the best rebates and lighting equipment, call LEDrock today at 303-900-3325