In past years, high-intensity discharge (HID) lights have been commonly used for outdoor illumination, particularly in parking lots and structures. However, as better LED lighting technology continues to be manufactured and produced all around the world, switching to LED fixtures has never been easier or more cost effective for business owners and facility managers.

Recent studies show that HIDs are more expensive to maintain, provide only basic, low-grade lighting, and consume a large amount of energy in comparison to LEDs, which require little to no maintenance, consume significantly less power, and provide better lighting quality and options overall.

Parking Garage LED Lighting- LEDrockWhen it comes to saving on energy and maintenance costs, installing LED lights, such as these area lights, wallpacks, and canopy lights, to 24-hour operating parking lots and garages can see energy savings up to 80% by consuming less power than HID fixtures, in part to the 50,000 hour fixture lifetimes. While some may argue that LEDs have larger upfront costs compared to other fixtures, the payment can easily be saved in monthly utility costs, since they last 3 times as long as HIDs and require significantly less maintenance and replacement over time.

The superior lighting LEDs offer also provides uniform illumination, excellent coverage, and color rendering to the area, all which help drivers see more clearly and enhance safety. With LED downlighting, shadows are minimized and security cameras operate more efficiently than with regular HIDs.

As an electrical contractor, the parking garage segment is often overlooked and can generate extra business when sharing all the benefits and savings with owners and/or facility managers. An upgrade may very well pay for itself in less than two years, with the reduced energy costs and maintenance, and as an added bonus, may attract more customers with better lighting and increased safety.


Topaz Series 50W LED Parking Garage Light

While upgrading lighting for an entire parking garage or parking lot can be a fairly large upfront investment, many utilities companies are providing rebates on DLC-listed LED lights that are used in the retrofit, such as LEDrock’s Topaz Series 50 Watt LED Parking Garage Light. Check out this case study on a recent parking garage retrofit project completed in Denver, Colorado. 246 HIDs were replaced with LEDs, which saved 376,680kWh and led to a yearly savings estimate of $42,000. Not only that, but the Xcel energy rebate that was applied for gave an additional $39,000 back. It only took 18 months for the entire project to be paid back in savings and investment.

It’s stats like these that really makes it a no-brainer for electrical contractors to branch into city parking structure projects. LEDrock can help electrical contractors with project proposals along with a detailed savings estimate for upgrading to energy efficiency LED lighting, whether it is for retrofits, new construction projects, or lighting designs! Contact us today to get started.