Parking Garage LED Lighting Install

Denver, CO

Project Type:
Parking Garage

Total Fixtures Replaced:
246 HID to LED

Total kWh Saved:

Yearly Savings Estimate:
$42,000 (Energy + Maintenance)

Xcel Rebate:

Payback Period:
18 Months

Power Company Rebates Are Making DLC Listed Parking Garage Fixtures A No-Brainer

A Downtown Denver parking garage was looking for a way to reduce operating costs. Their electrical contractor explained to them that they could replace their 175 Watt Metal Halide parking garage fixtures with 50 Watt LEDs.
LEDrock worked with the contractor to put together a detailed ROI analysis to show the customer how quickly they could make their money back, and how much money they would save on maintenance and energy costs.
Xcel Energy, the local power company, sealed the deal when they offered a rebate of $39,000!


The Lesson

  • Parking garage LED conversions are a no-brainer. 
  • Facilities with 24-hour operation see energy savings up to 80%, dramatic reductions in maintenance costs due to the 50,000-hour fixture lifetimes and massive rebates on DLC listed fixtures.
  • These incentives make it really impossible to justify HID lights in parking garages. 
  • Lighting costs will never go away. Facility owners will be hard pressed to find a better project in which to invest their budget funds than one like this that will greatly reduce their operating expenses.




Environmental Impact Of LED Lighting



Carbon Footprint: In the United States, approximately 75% of electricity is generated by coal burning power plants. According to the U.S. EPA, 1.33 lbs of CO2 is emitted into the air for every kWh produced.* Converting existing lights into energy saving LEDs can greatly reduce the amount of CO2 emitted into the air.
LEDs contain NO HAZARDOUS MERCURY or halogen gasses. Florescent lighting, which has been a popular alternative to the incandescent lamp, contains mercury, and cannot be disposed of without taking special precautions for hazardous waste disposal.
Light Pollution: Unlike almost all existing lighting products, LEDs produce unidirectional light. This means that most lights emit light sideways and upwards, wasting energy and polluting the night sky with unnecessary light. The light from an LED is easy to control. It can be used as a spot light or it can be dispersed with a lens to get more of a spread.


LEDrock is offering a unique opportunity to retrofit your existing lights. In many cases, such as street lights, parking lot lights and indoor HID lights, the existing fixture is still in great condition. In some cases, the option is to leave the housing in place with some rewiring. This reduces waste and keeps the overall project cost low.


All materials inside LED lights are recylable. They contain no mercury, lead or phosphorus. Once the long life is expended, many of the materials can be recyled and reproduced back into new products. Recycling LEDs is easier and safer.