Storage Facility 3D Rendering for LED lighting InstallProject Overview

Denver, CO

Project Type:
Storage Facility


Project Challenge

Low Ceilings:
Two stories at 8' each

Lots of Walls: 
Over 300 storage units


Storage Facility Solves a Power Problem with a Control System and LED Lighting 

Project Background

An old warehouse in the city of Denver was transformed into a modern storage facility while keeping energy usage low. They were able to deliver ample lighting throughout the interior and exterior of the property using ecofriendly LED lighting.


The Project

Low ceilings and lots of walls. This is usually a recipe for a big lighting bill. The only way to adequately light a facility like this is with a high number of lights. The building owner and project engineer decided the best way to keep the power usage low was to use energy efficient LEDs. With the assistance of LEDrock, the electrical engineer was able to achieve consistent lighting throughout the interior and exterior of the building, while keeping the electrical service at only a fraction of a comparable building.

Motion Sensor Zones For LED Lighting

Motion sensor zones were established to minimize light usage, while keeping key safety areas like stairs and lifts properly illuminated.

Initial Analysis

LEDrock personell used Agi32, an industry leading lighting design software, to help the engineer achieve the desired light levels throughout the property. A 3D model of the light output was generated to demonstrate light levels to the customer before final decisions were made. On top of the low energy demand of LED lighting, a motion sensor control system was put in place to further minimize the usage of the building's lighting.


Other Benefits

With over 300 light fixtures on the property, the high amount of electrical work needed to install switches was eliminated, due to the motion sensor control system. The problem of customers leaving lights on was also eliminated. One of the biggest overhead costs of any storage facility is lighting. This solution made this property stand in a class by itself.


The Final Results

The engineer estimates that this property is using approximately 20-25% of the lighting energy that would be typically used on a similar property of similar size. LED lighting is the best way to to achieve a high quality light output and reduce energy and cost at the same time!