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Colorado LED Lighting Projects are Easy to Pay for with Xcel Energy’s Small Business Lighting Program

Switching to LED lighting is a smart way for business, residential, and industrial sectors to save money on energy and maintenance costs. Companies, like Xcel Energy, are paving the way to a brighter future by providing rebates to those who switch to LED lighting.

Xcel Energy is offering customers up to $250 per light fixture to incentivize LED lighting projects. Businesses that use less than 400 kW of energy are eligible for the small business lighting program. These rebates can make a huge difference when companies make the decision on whether to perform an LED lighting conversion. The program will pay for up to 60% of the project cost!

Parking Garage LED Light FixtureTypically, there are two types of rebates available, prescriptive and custom. The prescriptive rebate provides a specific dollar amount per pre-approved light fixture. For example, an LED Parking Garage fixture between 25 to 60 Watts that is DLC listed under the DLC QPL category of Parking Garage Luminaires can earn a rebate of $135 per fixture when replacing HID lights. The second type of rebate available is the custom rebate. These rebates must be approved before the project starts, but they can apply to a broad range of lighting options, and the rebate amount is typically approximately $400 per kW reduced.

LED lighting retrofits aren’t the only way to earn a rebate. Xcel also offers new construction rebates. These are available for new facilities or facilities going through major renovations. This is easy money, as LED lighting options are already the most economical choice in a new construction project.

Xcel Energy services areas in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin.

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