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LED Garage Lights | LEDrock

Parking Garage / Canopy Lighting

LEDrock’s LED Parking Garage Lighting Fixtures provides a safe and secure area for both drivers and pedestrians by improving visibility. Other applications for parking garage lighting fixtures include parking structure lighting, warehouse lighting, hotel lighting, industrial lighting, government facility lighting, tunnel lighting, and utility lighting. LEDrock’s Topaz Series 50 Watt LED Parking Garage light delivers 5,450 lumens and is comparable to 175W MH or 250W HPS and has a 5 year limited warranty.

LEDrock’s LED Canopy Lights are sturdy and versatile, perfect for outdoor use in a variety of lighting applications. The LEDrock Sapphire Series 10 Watt LED Flush Mount Light delivers 700 lumens and is comparable to 75-100W Halogens and has a 5 year limited warranty. Utilize it for breezeway, corridor, entryway, canopy, security, carport, hotel or residential exterior lighting.